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Why Good Postures Is The Basis Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Sitting up straight and having proper posture is far more than something annoying your parents and teachers said growing up, it is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Good posture helps maintain a healthy body and mind; it aligns your body and can put you in a more positive mindset.

Proper posture is the essence of preventative care for your joints; it prevents wear and tear, injuries and protects your nerves. The question now lies; what is good body posture?

An imaginary line that runs down the middle of your body is the ideal guide for good posture. Since every part of our body, from the ankle joint to the spine, is balanced one upon the other, any deviation can cause a muscular imbalance in the body further affecting the overall body posture. In such a scenario, some muscles have to work harder than the others, leading some muscles to become stronger than the others. This will eventually affect the overall body posture.

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Here are some quick and easy ways to align your posture.

Performing these practices daily can make for better posture overall.

  • When sitting, make sure to sit straight.
  • Move your shoulders back and down in intervals.
  • Take a walk during office hours.
  • If you are carrying a bag don’t always carry it on the same side.

Good posture not only reduces chronic neck pain but also fortifies our muscles, and cardiovascular abilities. Regular chiropractic adjustments with a certified chiropractor can help you correct poor posture and realign your spine to assure that the body is functioning optimally. In regards to posture, chiropractic therapy is ideal for damage to the normal curvature of the mid-back, lower back and neck, hunchback (kyphosis) forward head posture (slouching), scoliosis and hip or pelvis un-leveling.

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