Overtime & A Healthy Lifestyle Chiropractor

As a small business owner, I get bogged down in my work. There are always updates that need to be done and customers who have questions for me. This keeps me up late into the night making sure things are taken care of. It also means that in the mornings I’m not always “ready to go”. At my second visit to Dr. Mark’s office, he could tell that I wasn’t at 100%.

As I stepped into the office, drinking my obligatory Monster energy drink, Dr. Mark asked how often I drank energy drinks. I told him that they were a part of my morning ritual. We discussed his website a bit and then went back for my adjustment.

New Experiences In My Journey To A Healthier Life

Dr. Mark, put me on this strange machine that made me shake. I didn’t really understand what the machine did, but it seemed to me it was helping my bones “settle”. Think of your bone structure as a house, as the ground changes, the house and foundation will eventually start to settle into their new positions (it also may be why you hear creaks and pops in the house). Mostly, the machine tickled and made me need to pee.

After that, he laid me down on the chair and cracked about 10 joints in my body. I’m not going to lie, the sound of the pops made me feel like this hurt, when in fact, there was no pain. I did, however, feel great when I stood up.

After the adjustments, I sat down in his massage chair, which isn’t like the chair you find at the mall. No this chair was pretty advanced and I drifted off for about 5 of the 15 minutes that I was sitting down. Upon finishing the massage (and the shake machine + back adjustment), I felt as refreshed as if I had taken a 2 hour nap.

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My Chiropractic Homework

Dr. Mark was concerned about me. After my adjustments etc, we had a conversation about my lifestyle. Why was I drinking Monster, why was I up late, what was the source of my stress, and most importantly how could I change things up. Fortunately, Dr. Mark is more than just a chiropractor. He talked to me about some nutritional supplements and we decided to start a regimen of some vitamins (including Catalyn, fish oil, minerals, and a liquid which I’m not sure of the name of).

Most people would blast me for blindly accepting to put things in my body that I haven’t researched. The thing is, I drink Monster energy drinks, so I’m pretty sure I could drink radioactive water from the Chernobyl region of Ukraine and it would be an upgrade. I take two packets of the vitamins every day and I drink 5 ml of the liquid ever day as well.

In my last article, I wrote it up directly after my visit, for this one, I decided to wait until I’d been following Dr. Mark’s instructions for around a week.

Results From My Chiropractor’s Suggestions

It’s now been a week, I’ve cut back from 2 Monsters to 1 a day. I wouldn’t say I have more “energy” in the same way that Monster gives me energy, but I can say that I seem to be more normal throughout the day. I’m not as tired, and while my energy levels don’t spike, they also don’t dip majorly throughout the day.

I’ve felt healthier, though I’m still not getting to sleep until late and I’m also still having some issues waking up and getting ready to go. However, wake up until ready to go has been a shorter time period. Overall, I’d say things are trending in the right direction. It’s helping me take care of business, which is a good thing.