Poor Posture May Lead To Depression.

Do you slouch and suffer from depression or low self-esteem. There could be a correlation.

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How Poor Posture Can Lead To Depression

Do you slouch and suffer from depression or low self-esteem. There could be a correlation. Slouching is not only physically unattractive and causes back pain, but recent research shows that it can affect your moods and even cause depression. Science has shown in past research that how muscles are being used can affect how we feel about ourselves and slouching is no different.

Good posture is associated with higher self-esteem, positive social interactions and less negative thoughts and emotions. Think about it; aren’t the happiest coworkers at your office the ones that sit up straight and walk with their shoulders back? Research at the University of Auckland showed that those who sat upright had more energy, less negative thoughts and moods and were less self-focused.

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Those studies at the University of Auckland suggested that sitting in an upright position can make you feel more proud, persistent and confident in their thoughts and the research resulted in similar data. Depression is commonly associated with having less energy and the less energy can lead to depressive thoughts, it’s a vicious circle but the mind-body relationship can truly make a difference.

If you need ways to sit up straighter or better your posture, consult with your chiropractor for activities and exercises you can do outside of regular appointments. You can also consider Pilates, stretching, exercise and yoga. 

Remember; the position of your shoulders can mirror your mood, so if you want to be happy and have a more positive outlook…simply sit up straight. It might make a bigger difference on your attitude than you’d think.





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