Massage Therapy VS. Chiropractic Medicine (why you need both)

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Our bodies are delicate machines that need care and tending to in order to stay in pristine condition. If you car isn’t working correctly you need to bring it to a mechanic and if you’re body is out of wack, you need to bring it to a specialist just the same. The dilemma now lies in whether you body pain needs to be remedied by a massage therapist or a chiropractor.

While both methods of treatment are similar in practice- drug free hands on treatments- your pain severity and history are what will determine whether you need to see a chiropractor or a massage therapist. It’s always best to consult with a wellness healthcare provider to determine the best drug-free treatment options for you.

For many years, massage therapy has been considered a luxury or pampering experience, but in truth it has legitimate medical properties in pain management. Massage therapy targets soft tissue and strained muscles, while the applied hands on pressure and massage encourages blood flow. Massage therapy can be beneficial for expectant mothers, athletes, even cancer patients and has been known to reduce anxiety and increase blood flow. While massage therapists are not licensed to adjust joints such as the spine, they can use trigger point therapy to reduce the pain in certain joints.

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Unlike massage therapists, who are trained in the manipulation of soft tissue, chiropractors are trained to specifically target hard tissue; the spine and joints. Chiropractors may use the common technique of spinal manipulation and adjustment in their patient care, but they may also suggest massage therapy as an additional course of treatment. Just as massage therapy has it’s own list of ailments it can provide benefit to, as does chiropractic medicine. Chiropractic medicine can help in the treatment of joint pain, headaches, tension and tendonitis.

The question now lies, which treatment is better? The answer is not as simple as you’d think. It will vary on your specific pain levels and health needs but in truth, both massage therapy and chiropractic medicine should be used in conjunction with each other in order to aid in patient care. Massage therapy and chiropractic medicine pain treatment techniques benefit from each other because adjustments will last longer when there is less muscle tension and massage therapy minimizes those tight muscles. Your soft tissue will heal at a faster rate once the joints have been restored to their proper position by a chiropractor.

In short, both treatments work symbiotically off each other, but only so much can be accomplished and achieved in a single session. Consult with your alternative health care provider about the best techniques and treatment options for your specific pain care.

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