Visiting A Chiropractor in Raleigh For First Time…

…sort of. Ideal Lifestyle Advocates wants to get people “addicted to the crack” and having the first time free is always a good way to get people hooked. To be fully transparent, there are some things you should know about me. I am the web designer and one of the digital marketing options available to Dr. Mark & Ideal Lifestyle Advocates. While writing blogs can be a part of digital marketing, this is not a blog I’m being paid for. This is also not going to be a blindly positive review in an attempt to gain favor with a client. The aim of this is to give people an honest assessment, of my chiropractic experience, from a skeptical standpoint.

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Why Is a Skeptic Going To A Chiropractor?

When I was 21, I went to see an orthopedic surgeon to see why I had on and off back pain throughout my life. They put me through a series of tests/x-rays only to tell me that there was nothing wrong. This didn’t make sense to me, how could NOTHING be wrong while there were days that it was hard to get out of bed. I talked to a friend of mine about how ridiculous the visit was and they recommended a chiropractor. You may also have heard that “chiropractors are not doctors”, but orthopedic surgeons ARE supposed to be real and that worked out well.

The first chiropractor I visited used this weird tool on me. It was like a mini hammer that gently pounded on my back (super quickly) and was supposed to release tension. In actuality, this device didn’t really do anything. I didn’t feel any better, but I did have less weight to carry around since I had less money. I even went back a second time because “it doesn’t work after your first visit”. Guess what, the second visit didn’t do anything either. To be fair, maybe it would have worked if I kept going back, but it was costly and when the doctor talked, I didn’t understand what he was saying.

Why Dr. Mark & Ideal Lifestyle Advocates?

I met Dr. Mark & his team as a client through a friend who referred me to help with their website. As I learned about their business, so I could create their website, I found myself laughing a lot. Judi, the practice manager, told me that she and Dr. Mark had been toying with the slogan “get addicted to the crack”. They were able to explain the why’s of what they did in a way that made sense. They talked about lifestyle choices (good and bad) that I was able to relate to, but in a non-judgmental way. Most importantly, they advocated living a more healthy lifestyle, chiropractic was just one part of what they did.  I decided to schedule an appointment, not because of a back pain flareup, but because at 37 it might be time to start making some better decisions about my health.

My Free First Visit!

Yeah, this part might be a shameless plug, but I did go in for my free initial assessment. What was the result? Well, Dr. Mark talked to me about my lifestyle, my health background, my level of exercise etc. We talked for about 30 minutes before he took me to his chiropractor table. He cracked my neck and back and used a back massage tool on me. What was the result? I’m not sure. It’s been 1 day. That being said, at night my body cracked a few more times, but in a good way.  I have another appointment next Tuesday, so I guess we’ll see how things are after that. Look for my next installment and track my progress!

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