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At Ideal Lifestyle Advocates, we believe firmly in the health benefits related to regular chiropractic maintenance, but understand that skepticism, fear of pain, a limited budget, or other concerns may prevent you from taking the opportunity to see how you can benefit from regular visits with our chiropractor. With this in mind, we offer the following to new or potential clients*:

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Free chiropractic evaluation in Raleigh NC

Free Chiropractic Evaluation in Raleigh, NC

If you are suffering from pain in your back, spine, or other areas, migraines or headaches, you may benefit from an evaluation by our chiropractor. Chiropractic Evaluations identify areas of abnormal movement by examining the interaction of bones with joints. Once the evaluation has been completed, a member of our staff will discuss with you in detail the findings, provide an overall assessment of your health, and outline the treatment that is recommended.

Free Chair Massage in Raleigh NC at Ideal Lifestyle Chiropractors

Free 30 Minute Chiropractic Chair Massage Therapy in Raleigh, NC

Enjoy the relaxation and stress-relief from our chiropractic chair massage. This full-body massage chair will stimulate and soothe muscles from head to the bottom of your feet. The “bend and stretch” functionality provided by our chiropractic chair massage will bring relief to the entire body and promote the body’s healing abilities.

Free Bottle Of Catalyn Supplement

Whether you choose the free chiropractic chair massage or free chiropractic evaluation, all new customers and customers that are not already on a supplement plan can receive a free bottle of Catalyn, which is a nutritional supplement. We offer you a free 30 day supply because we are confident you will see the difference!

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Contact Ideal Lifestyle Advocates for your choice of a free chiropractic chair massage or Chiropractic evaluation as well as a free 30 day supply of Catalyn today by calling 919- 830-6472 or filling out a form online today. More than just chiropractors, we are your ideal lifestyle advocates for optimal health.

* Choice of Free Chiropractic Massage or Chiropractic Evaluation is available only for new customers.
**Free Bottle of Catalyn is available for any customer that is not on a supplement plan already.

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