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Abnormal vertebral alignment, also known as vertebral subluxation, can cause various and sometimes excruciatingly painful symptoms. A chiropractor can manipulate the vertebral alignment through spinal adjustment, offering relief from pain and helping to correct posture.  

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Spinal adjustments from ideal lifestyle advocates Chiropractor raleigh NC

Vertebral Subluxation Raleigh NC

The alignment of your vertebrae is comparable to a smile. Just as an orthodontist may use braces to straighten a smile, a chiropractor uses spinal adjustment to correct vertebral alignment.  When the vertebrae are misaligned due to herniated discs, bulged discs, slipped discs, lumbar puncture, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, or for other reasons, the resulting vertebral sublaxation can cause pain  from pinched nerves and the improper balance of the body putting too much strain on certain areas.

Spinal Adjustment from Ideal Lifestyle Advocates

At Ideal Lifestyle Advocates, we always start with a diagnostic evaluation to determine the best course of action for each patient. Patients complete a range of tests designed to identify vertebral subluxation, the cause of the misalignment, and the proper range of treatment. Our staff will discuss with you in detail the prescribed treatment recommended and answer any questions that you may have such as how often treatment would be, how long it will take, and the estimated cost of the treatment. If a spinal adjustment or spinal adjustment program is recommended, we will make every effort to begin treatment quickly. In cases where the patient is in extreme pain, a spinal adjustment can be performed at the first visit.

Spinal adjustments are done by hand at Ideal Lifestyle Advocates. Our chiropractor will use diversified chiropractic techniques to perform spinal adjustments. Using a very confident yet gentle touch even the most nervous and anxious patient can experience a painless treatment, restoring normal movement to the spine and nervous system.

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