Chiropractic Posture Assessments in Raleigh, NC

The human body functions best when proper posture and alignment is maintained. This leaves the body free to move and distribute weight evenly, allowing the spine, muscles, and joints to work together properly. If you suspect you have improper postural alignment, a chiropractor in Raleigh, NC should be consulted to perform an accurate assessment.

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Postural Misalignment & Posture Assessments

When posture is out of line, pain can result and injury is more likely. This is due to the fact that the body will compensate for misalignment, putting too much pressure in certain areas. Chiropractic posture assessments are three dimensional assessments of an individual’s posture in both a standing and squatting position that determines weak points and possible areas of spinal or vertebral degeneration. Signs of improper postural and vertebral alignment include back pain, particularly in the lower back, hunched or rounded shoulders, a rounded upper back, an arched lower back, and a forward head.

Posture Assessments from Ideal Lifestyle Advocates

Genetics, stress, excessive weight, weakened muscles, footwear, and other things can contribute to poor posture and postural misalignment. Proper posture is about more than outward appearance. With proper posture and alignment, bones and joints work together properly, reducing the stress placed on ligaments. Energy is conserved preventing muscle strain. Proper posture has also been shown to reduce feelings of depression, improve digestive health, and promote confidence levels while reducing stress.

At Ideal Lifestyle Advocates in Raleigh, NC, our primary concern is proper patient care, so we always begin any assessment by asking you pertinent questions about your health. A chiropractor will then meet with you to perform the posture assessment. Following posture assessments, a member of our staff will meet with you to discuss the results. We will be there to answer any questions you may have as well as discuss the recommended course of treatment. Our goal is to provide a painless treatment that restores proper movement to the spine and promotes good posture.

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If you have noticeable effects from posture such as curved lower back or hunched upper back or shoulders, or if you have pain in your back that you suspect is from improper posture, contact Ideal Lifestyle Advocates in Raleigh, NC to discuss chiropractic posture assessments today. You can reach us by calling 919- 830-6472 or by filling out a form online. More than just chiropractors, we are your Ideal Lifestyle Advocates for optimal health.

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