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Once upon a time there was a doctor of chiropractic who suffered with back pain, was a little overweight, had low energy and wasn’t very happy… Every day he would wake up and take his prescription pain medications, just to get through the day. One day he said enough is enough somethings got to give. Because of that, he started taking herbal supplements, changed his diet, which made him lose weight and took away his back pain. Because of that he no longer had a need to take any prescription medications. He knew he wanted to help other people who suffered with low energy, extra weight and other conditions of lifestyle. Until finally this doctor had a son who grew up and he two wanted to help people. So together they created Ideal Lifestyle Advocates. Living healthy happy and whole!

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Dr. Mark E. Niemchak, D.C., P.A.

Dr. Mark Niemchak attended college at Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan and National College of Health Sciences. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Biology and a Doctorate of Chiropractic.

Dr. Mark has worked as an E.M.T. and Paramedic. He worked for 3 years an emergency room as a physician’s assistant. This gives him knowledge and experience from both the medical and alternative health fields that is critical in providing his balanced approach to health.

During the 32+ years that Dr. Mark has been in practice seven years were spent in solo practice. Three years were spent running a multi-doctor clinic. Seventeen years have been in a multi-disciplined clinic functioning as a chiropractor and nutritionist working in a team approach to patient wellness. Recently he spent three years working in a medical spa environment providing the most recent researched protocols on epigenetics, anti-aging and well being. His current practice is the culmination of his years of experience and knowledge and is dedicated to lifestyle medicine.

“Over the years, since I started in practice in 1984, I have become increasing aware of how the lifestyles of the people I see, have been leading up to the symptoms or disease they were presenting to me to fix. This made me decide to stop doing sick care and devote my life to wellness, whole food nutrition and the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle.”

It was this passion that led Dr. Mark to complete over 1300 hours of post graduate training in nutrition, diet and biochemistry. This passion continues to drive him to pursue multiple seminars and classes every year to stay current with contemporary knowledge in wellness, nutrition and weight management.

Dr. Mark has provided lay lectures on nutrition and wellness since 1989. He believes that wellness comes from the inside out and is a direct result of how you think, eat and move.


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